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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back from a blogging break...

Yes, for those of you who noticed, I have been on a blogging break for the last month. Husband quit his startup job at the end of October due to lots of politics at work, that left him mostly at home when he was not in his meetings and interviews. So he did a lot of the cooking at home, while I was at work. A lot of travelling was happening too, went to Denver to my sister, nephew and niece for an elongated Thanksgiving break - which was so much fun!!! :-) And the 11-month old nephew gifted husband and me some of his little little germs which left the two of us sick for a whole week!!!

So here I am now, thanksgiving break is over, we are both recovered, and husband is on the verge of accepting an offer from another fun startup!!! Back to blogging....!!!


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